Friday, September 14, 2012

Roll and Write? Not Quite

I love the ideas of the Roll and Write games I have seen on other peoples pages.  However, at the beginning of the year in my class, most of us cannot write yet.  We do ALOT of tracing!   Their little muscles in their hands aren't developed enough to write.  So, I made my own version of those with tracing.  We play with a partner (and that is a challenge too at the beginning--"Why do I have to take turns?").  They take turns rolling the number cube and then tracing the number that they roll.  This helps with number recognition too.  I just use little 1" cubes and put sticky dots on them.  When we are finished with the game, I peel them off or put new ones over them.  Another way to use them is to use dice and have the children count the dots and then trace the number.  We are not quite ready for this yet.  I hope to have them at my store on TPT by this afternoon. Depends if they are good nappers today or not!


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