Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hello again!

I'm going to apologize in advance for the long post and all the pics!  In my dream world, I would like to sit down a few minutes each day and write something on our blog and post a few pictures.  Hahaha!  Like I said---my dream world.  Reality is I can't ever find that few minutes and then it all piles up and I have to post everything in one day--like today.  Here are a few things that we have been working on in our class.

First of all, let me say after 9 weeks, we are finally getting into routine and becoming more independent.  So now we can do lots more fun and learning in our room and not as much redirecting.

Let me take you back a few weeks....

During "A" week (yep! We do the letters in  order) we talked about Alligators.  We are from Louisiana after all.  Our poem for the week was called "Alligator."  We read it, sang it, colored it in our poetry folder, hunted for all the "A's" in the poem and we did a rewrite of it and made it our own.  This is what became of the rewrite.  I love it when art and writing come together to make it more meaningful.

 During "D" week, we invited our Dad's to come and eat donuts with us.  They came and ate and saw our classroom and all the things we have been working on.  We love our Dads!

One of our favorite cooking activities is Green Eggs and Ham.  It's messy and fun and delicious!

Some of us love green eggs and ham Sam I Am!................Some of us do not!

Now on to "F" week.  One of my favorite weeks!  This week we continued our lesson on oviparous animals and talked about Frogs.  We made this cute little guy and after we learned the life cycle of the frog, we put it inside our frog's mouth.

Of course our poem this week was called "Frogs".   Here's how we use our poems in the classroom:

We read and sing the poem on the first day all together.  I wrote the poems to familiar tunes so they make it easier to "read" for my PreK.  We talk about the lesson that is in the poem.  This one was about subtraction.

The next day, we get our our poetry folders and color the picture.  Then we circle the focus letter throughout the poem and we read it all together.

The third day they get their poetry folders out and find a friend to read to.  They read this week's poem and they can go back and reread our previous poems to friends.  I love hearing them sing all the poems they know to their friends.

The fourth day we "rewrite" the poem and tie it into an art activity.  This gives them a chance to make it their own and make some connections.

Our number was "7" this week.  For math, we made a giant frog with a super long tongue and put 7 flies on it in number order.

Ok!!  How much do you love dollar store items?? I love finding a good deal and trying to figure out how I'm going to use it in my classroom. I found these cute frog shaped eggs at Easter and I finally figured out what to do with them.  I put a colored dot on the bottom and put a different number of bugs in each one.  They had to color the frog the same color as the dot, count the number of bugs in his tummy and write the number.  They loved this!  They like when there is something new to do math with.

This week is "G" week and we are doing one of their favorite stories---The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We read the story and sing the song --over and over and over-- by Jack Hartmann.  It gets stuck in your head and we end up singing it all day long.

We made story props so they can retell the story.  They had so much fun making the bridge and coloring the goats and troll.  Some wanted to tell the story to their friends and some wanted to retell it by themselves.  Lots of great learning going on---story recall, communication, sequencing, drama, art, listening and confidence building.

Whew!  Thanks for hanging with me through all of these super fun activities!  Hopefully my next post won't be so long in coming!