Wednesday, September 17, 2014

C Week

It is "C" week in our class and we have been learning about cats (specifically Pete the Cat).  I love these books, but I love the songs even more!!  They are at Scholastic and on YouTube!  They get stuck in your head and your kids will be singing them all day long.

As we were reading them, I was trying to come up with some cute PreK art that would be meaningful for my kids.  I always like to have a purpose for their art work.  

We are also on the number 4 this week (HOW PERFECT!)  I decided we would make Pete's 4 groovy buttons for our math lesson.  We reinforced our story, counted to 4 and worked on cutting circles.  I love when we can learn so many skills with one lesson!!! It's the teacher in me!  

Then we read Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes and of course if you know me, you know we had to rewrite it!  I made some pages that are PreK friendly so that we can "read" it as we learn our color words. We Love Our Shoes

I put these class book pages at my TPT store if you would like to purchase it.