Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Ready for Halloween!

As one of my little ones said today, "We decorated the whole room! Now we are ready for Halloween!"  And by glancing around, I guess we are.  We have done a week of Spiders and this week is Bats.  Next week we will finish up and do Pumpkins and head to the Pumpkin Patch.  Here are some views from our room:

 This is our Frog Counting. Even though we have content areas, we still have a letter focus each week.  This of course was during our "F" week and our "Number 6" week.

Every week we have a number focus and we write a class book to illustrate that number.  Our book for "Number 8" was 8 is Great!  Aren't we lucky we studied Spiders that week.  
 Each child made their own spider and then put the legs on however they wanted.  When they were done they wrote how many on each side.  We talked about different ways to make 8.  This is now in our book center.  

We did the same thing with bats this week.  Our number was 9.  Our book is 9 is Fine!

We used dots on the wings to make 9.

Our Glittery pumpkins on our Art take-home bags.

We made bats our of old black socks and hung them on our windows.  Very Spooky!!

And to finish decorating our room we hung our ghosts that we made in Art class!  

Now we are ready to Trick or Treat!!

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  1. Love the Bats! Also everything looks great in your classroom! One question - for the bat wings -did you use foam and fill with cotton batting? Thanks for a great blog!