Friday, December 19, 2014

Are you being S-elf-less?

Have you been "Elf-less" this month?  Here are the the new ideas.

This week my PreK-ers took the Selfless Challenge!  They could do most on this Week 4 list right here at school.  They were giving high fives and saying Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone.  They loved making notes  and cards for each other at the writing and art centers and surprising friends by putting them in their backpacks!  They found neat ways to help other out by opening doors, helping carry things, picking up trash, helping a friend put on coats or mittens, helping a friend pick up toys and so many more things!  This has been the most wonderful activities for my family, my class and ME!! Thanks Krista for encouraging us to think of others!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Be S--E.L.F--less!

Ok, so around this time of year, people tend to thing of doing good for others more than any other time of year. People are generally, kinder, more generous and more philanthropic.  Personally, i try very hard each year to get my children to think of others instead of themselves (which is really hard while they are sitting here making their lists for Santa!)

This fabulous lady, Krista Wallden, the mastermind at The Creative Chalkboard has come up with a precious, fun way to do this.  It is her Operation E.L.F. challenge.  It's free to anyone to download and try.  Click on the link above and it will take you right to it.  It's definitely not too late to start.  Oh and did I mention everything about it is CUTE!!!!!!  And I am all about making something cute.  If it isn't cute, why bother?

I have been putting one E.L.F. challenge in my children's lunchboxes each day for them to do for someone else.  They can do it for someone at school, friends, teachers administration, janitors etc. or during the day to others-- strangers, coaches, bus drivers, grandparents etc.  

Krista has inspired me to inspire my kids.  Krista, you rock!!!

Go be someone's ELF today!!