Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day???

This is what we woke up to this morning.

Now, we live in Louisiana.  We get "Hurricane Days" and the occasional "Ice Day" , but "Snow Days" are pretty much unheard of.  We are now on our 3rd snow day in a week.  We are not sure what to do with ourselves.  Each year we make snowballs out of paper in our classroom and have snowball fights inside.  This year, it didn't have it's same impact.  My kiddos were talking about their "real" snowball fights.  We make snowman pictures and read snowman stories, but honestly most of my kids have never seen or built a snowman.  I can't wait til we get back and hear all about their snow adventures!  I know my own girls have had a blast.  We have one hill in our city in the park and I think most of the city was at that one hill with their makeshift sleds--innertubes, boogie boards, rafts, laundry baskets, political signs --you get the picture--no sleds here! Ha!

It is absolutely beautiful!  I'm enjoying it from inside sitting by my fireplace working on my school stuff and new things for TPT.

Stay warm and check back soon for some pics from our classroom!