Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I worked on several things this summer for the new school year and I am just now putting the finishing touches on them and putting them in my store.

We focus on a letter a week and we always have a poem.  I also look for poems and songs that my students can rewrite and make their own.  They remember poems better and what they are "reading".  I put these poems on a poster maker and blow them up so I can hang them around our room.  I can also put them on our promethean board and my they are interactive for my students.

One of the great thing about each poem is that is an original poem that is set to a familiar tune.  Each poem also teaches a different skill.  

Some of the skills included are: 
creative thinking
making 10

 Check them out at my TeachersPayTeachers store.  Just click on the image.

The first take home project we do at the beginning of the year is a book about themselves.  I send home the pages in a ziploc bag and when they send them back I bind them into a book for each child.  They get to sit in my teacher chair and read their book to the class.  It's a great way to get to know each child a little better.  Then they get to put it in their book box and read it during free reading time or partner reading time.  It is the book they go for all the time.  They get so worn by the end of the year.  They can use photographs, pictures from magazines or they can draw the information.  I always do one for me too.  My students love getting to know a little about me too!

This is new for my class this year.  It is my Count and Graph series.  As many of you know, information stays with our students if they can repeat it several times throughout the year.  I was teaching graphing for a few weeks, number writing for a few weeks, counting for a few weeks, etc.  They were all separate and then we would move on to another skill.  This series will incorporate all that over and over again with a different theme.  After we do the first couple of books, it will be an independent activity that I will put at my math stations.


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