Thursday, March 20, 2014

I have several new things at my TeachersPayTeachers Store!
Click on the pictures below to purchase!

I told you I have been busy!

I came up with a new concept for independent games.   It may not be new to some of you but it is for me and it is working wonderfully with my little ones.

First of all, I am a teacher "hoarder".  I hate to throw anything away!  Can you relate??  I had a ton of frosting cans so I created "Can It" games.  They are simple matching and memory games for lots of different skills.  I put them in frosting cans.  I put the language arts in the cans with red lids and the math games in the cans with blue lids and the concepts.

My kiddos can go get a game and grab a partner whenever they finish their work, or we have small groups, or there are visitors in our room and I need to talk to them.  The instructions are basically the same for each can, so they know what to do.  They can choose what skill to work on--literacy or math, and then go have fun learning!

I have loaded the beginning sounds games  and the addition games to my store.  Hopefully I will get the rest of them loaded this weekend.

I also made the labels for the cans and they are FREE at my store.
Start baking and saving those frosting cans! (or you can have your children bring them in for you)

In the addition and subtraction cans I put counters in the can so they already have counters to solve the problems and don't have to ask for any or look for any.  Make it easy!!

I also put a new Silly Snakes Sounds game at my store

And SWIPE!  It's played like battle and it's great for comparing numbers! 


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