Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Few Weeks

What a busy couple of weeks! Who has time to sit down and write about it?  Apparently, not me!  Here are some things we have been doing in our classroom so far.


 We are learning about patterns with food, of course.  My little ones love to eat!
 In our class we also do LOTS of rewrites.  We like to take ownership of writing and make it our own.  We rewrote Kimberly Jordano's "Ants" poem and made it our math and writing lesson.

During "C" week we still learned about patterns and we made pattern caterpillars with the letter "C". 

We also made Caterpillar Kabobs.  We made the patterns first on paper--

 --then we made them to eat! Yum!  We love to eat our math!!



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