Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over the Hill?

Lots to post today! That's what happens when I don't post for awhile. First of all, when I walked into my room this morning there were black balloons, black streamers and black confetti everywhere. Yep! Today's my birthday the big 40. I thought if I didn't make a big deal about it, I could wake up tomorrow and still be 39! Haha! My aide and my coworkers had other ideas! The whole faculty wore black in my honor! I work with the best people in the world!

 During all this we are also learning!  This week we are studying the number 8 and spiders.  My darlings mad some super cute spiders while learning spider facts.

 In case today isn't busy enough, I just put my Questions of the Day on TPT.  It is only the first half of the alphabet.  I am working on the other half.  Hopefully I will have that next week.  I have a Question of the Day posted each day.  It is always a question with a yes or no answer.  They put their name under the answer they choose.  Then we count up each side, total it and put the number at the bottom.  Then we can talk about which group had more or less, why they chose that answer, and have some beginning of the day conversations.  It's a great way todraw them in first thing in the morning and get the day started. You can purchase these "Questions" "Questions of the Day"


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