Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Learning is Fun!

And so begins the busy season!

This week we have been busy having fun while we are learning.
We made Ice Cream for "I" week!  (cue the shaking music!) Boy, were our arms tired from shaking those bags!

 It was worth all the work and cold hands though.  We made the most delicious ice cream and decorated it with sprinkles!  Yummy!!

 We began our Thanksgiving crafts and learning last week too.  These are our pattern turkeys!  They really did a great job and it was a terrific way for me to assess who still needs some work with patterning.

Today we did our directed drawing of turkeys!  Aren't they amazing!  They absolutely loved designing their own turkey feathers.

One of our small group math activities is to roll and color. You can find this one on TPT from Growing Kinders.

Another math small group was making turkeys and counting the feathers.  Great cutting, gluing, counting and following directions practice.

My last small group for math today was working on taller/shorter with partners.  This game is from Kim Adsit's "Which is Taller?" unit


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