Friday, March 27, 2015

It's Raining! It's Pouring...and pouring...and pouring...

We might just float away!  It seems like it is raining everyday!  At least it's washing away some of this lovely yellow pollen!  Also,  it is a great week to teach my weather unit!  We always bring umbrellas for our weather unit, but this week it is a necessity.  It's fun to play in the rain with our rain gear and umbrellas too!  Our Math lesson was on geometry and sorting.

For our math lesson to day, we made umbrellas and sorted by shape, color or both.  I let the kiddos choose which way they wanted to sort.

We got to do work under our umbrellas this week and we go to nap under them too!  This is one of their favorite weeks.  

I also love this time of the year, because my little ones are getting so independent.  They are playing games and doing their activities with their friends and on their own.  They don't need me to be hovering right over them the whole time.  They are growing so much.

 Easter break next week! And then we are coming back to do our planting, vegetables and farm week!  I can't wait! I love Spring!


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