Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are heroes everyday to the children in their class for so many reasons.  Some things teachers do for their students, many people will never know or see.

Teachers encourage, inspire, comfort, laugh, cry, and love their students.  I think of my students as my own children.  We are there when they are having a bad day, when they need a cheerleader, when they need an advocate, when they need a shoulder or listening ear.  We are there when they have good news or success and they need a hug, a praise and a huge smile.  

Teachers challenge their students to be anything they want to be and help them get there!  Sometimes we push, pull and drag, but cheer them on the whole way.  We open the doors to so many possibilities and opportunities!  No one would be where they are today without teachers!  

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Go be a Hero to Your Kids!


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