Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Fever

It's finally warm-mostly!  In Louisiana we only get a few "perfect" days during the year.  And by perfect, I mean sunny and about 75 degrees.  In a few weeks, it will be so hot, we won't want to step a foot outside.  Air conditioning will be our best friend!  We are playing outside as much as we can for the next few days.  Spring also means I get to do some of my favorite units in my class --weather, farm, pirates and zoo!  I hope I can keep my energy level up.  I know my kiddos will be energetic for the rest of the year! 

We studied about Weather during "U" week.  We had so much fun bringing our umbrellas and doing all our activities with them.  These were our Math Umbrellas. 
They could choose to sort by shape with all one color.
 They could choose to sort by color and shape.
 They could choose to sory by color.
 Or they could choose by shape with all different colors.

This week we started our Farm Unit.
  Here are our bags that we will take all of our Art home for the unit. 
 We learned cow facts today, so we made cow bags as our art work.


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