Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Queen of Hearts

February is here!  That means hearts, hearts, everywhere!!  I love this time of year.  My classroom is decorated in pinks, purples, red and of course, LOTS of hearts.  Once I teach my kiddos how to fold and cut out hearts, they go crazy making hearts to stick all over.  They make them in the art center, at the writing center and during free time. 

Obviously at this time of year we use (and eat) tons of those candy conversation hearts.  I have the parents send in bags so we have plenty.  I stock the math center with them, we use them with our group work and they make terrific rewards. 

We are making patterns with our candy hearts.  They get to decide what patterns they would like to try.

It just so happens that every year our "Q" week falls in February. ( I love it when things work out like that.) We do lot of activties with the nursery rhyme "The Queen of Hearts".  This is a story problem that we made when we rewrote the poem.  Later this week they will write and illustrate their own.

My "Queen of Hearts" unit can be found at my store on

Here is an way we use the hearts we are learning how to cut out.  My Calendar Coach for the day cuts out at heart and writes the date on it.  Then we put it on our calendar.  In my room the children do a lot of the work themselves.


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